#MadeRight Tribe | Anina Mutter

#MadeRight Tribe | Anina Mutter

SukkhaCitta (SC): Hi Anina! Can you tell us a bit about yourself: What inspired you to start Blossik? Was there a specific event that inspired you to be an advocate for sustainable living?

Anina Mutter (AM): It's difficult to say what exactly made me choose the path to be an advocate for sustainabiity. Starting from a very young age, I was raised in a very conscious environment with parents who taught me to respect and take care of humans, animals, and nature. The older I get, the more information I have. And I feel like - the more I know the less I can go back and simply ignore what is happening on our planet. 

This itch drove me to try to do my part and to, step by step, try to show others that being the change you wish for is not that difficult and extremely fulfilling. My love for writing led me to start my own blog Blossik, from the start I wanted it to be a patform to share stories and write about the many inspiring people and projects that I met through my #sustainablestylewarrior way of life. SukkhaCitta is definitely one of them!

SC: Thank you :-)! With all that you know now, what is the one thing that you wish would change in the world?

AM: Well, of course the naive part of me would wish for all the wicked problems in the world to go away. To have peace and justice and lots of love and empathy for one another, that is the goal of humanity I think. 

For now, I'd love to contribute to raise more consciousness among my community. I believe that the more aware one is, the more power we have to contribute to these big goals.

SC: How would you define True Luxury?

AM: With regards to life: love, peace, respect, time, health - and most importantly the fulfillment you get from doing things that you are truly passionate about. With regards to products that we use (as luxury is often connoted to things): something that is produced in balance with nature and does no harm in its entire life cycle. Something that actually does good.

SC: Can you share abit on what you do when you encounter self-doubt?

AM: Well, I try to analyze what's happening with me and where this self-doubt comes from. I try to share my thoughts with people that are important to me and to hear their opinion. Sometimes, I close my eyes and zoom out to see my life from another, higher vantage point. This helps me to put things into perspective instead of getting lost in the doubt.

In the end, I've learnt that some self-doubt may even be healthy - as it makes us reflect and think over who we are and why we are doing something. Often, it could lead to an insight and helps us to understand ourselves and that's actually propelling us forward! However, it should never stop us from doing the things that are scary but excite us. Know that it's normal. Everyone experiences it. The important thing is what we make out of it. 

SC: What constitutes a happy, meaningful life to you?

AM: For me, balance is everything. Everyday, I strive to find balance among the key elements that are most important to me: time for myself, being with loved ones, run fulfilling projects with positive impact and caring for myself through a healthy lifestyle. 

SC: How would you describe yourself in 1 word?

AM: Haha that's a hard one! The words that come up in my head would be passionate, sensitive, warrior - and many more. They sometimes contradict, and I cannot decide on just one because I am all of them and they make me whole. I think we're beautiful that way :-)

Anina is the founder of the #sustainablestylewarrior movement, an advocate for change and sustainable living through her platform Blossik. She lives in Switzerland and travels the world to share her voice in a world that needs more balance.

All images are courtesy of Anina. She is wearing KAYU silk-cotton scarf and TITIK Traveller's Pants. 

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