Fewer, Better: Denica's Capsule Wardrobe

Fewer, Better: Denica's Capsule Wardrobe
Are you dreading that moment in the morning, when you open your closet and are greeted with a pile of clothes? That confusion of deciding what to wear, even when you have so many clothes? If this feels familiar to you, know that you're not alone!

    This was exactly how I felt several years ago. I'm not a morning person, so getting ready was always a chore. I really dreaded the decision fatigue that came with sorting through the pile of clothes (with a full blown emotional commentary wondering why you have so much stuff in the first place).

    This was before I started SukkhaCitta, when I thought clothes are just something that magically appears in stores. You buy it, wear it, throw it out. Often without a second thought. Sometimes, we end up buying something just for the sake of having something new. For that fleeting rush of dopamine.

    Now, I have a different relationship with clothes. Knowing exactly how they're made, the Ibus, and the ecosystems where the materials are from give each a sense of belonging. I actually get excited when I open my closet these days, even when I am greeted by less stuff! Because in it, are a few pieces I’ve worn more times than I can count. But that doesn't mean that I cannot buy new things! Instead, I practice a concept that is called a capsule wardrobe

    A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of clothing that complement each other. These are often timeless, classic pieces that never go out of style. A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits with a fewer, better selection of clothes.

    With this change in mindset, every purchasing decision feels incredibly different. You are no longer driven by the thrills of getting something new just for the sake of having something new. Each is an investment, where you think (and think some more) about how it will fit in your life and complement your wardrobe.

    Recently, I was sharing this philosophy with my nerd friend Farwiza when she asked me which pieces I’ve field tested all these years so she can try the same. So here they are, the 6 pieces I live in:

    Modern Kebaya Top

    You’ve seen me in this probably most times. From my headshot to speaking events and everyday living, it is just so comfortable. The soft Eucalyptus fibre together with the natural dyes feel so breathable on the skin. I love it because it’s inspired by the traditional Kebaya, but infinitely wearable for casual to formal events alike.

    Classic Wrap Top

    This top has been my go-to for a reason: She’s really flattering! I tuck it in to wear under a more formal jacket or blazer, or paired over my trusty KAPAS Wideleg Pants for a more relaxed look.

    What I love most about it is its hidden button on the chest. It’s invisible and keep things in place. One of the features that we added through the fieldtesting process, because who needs the additional horror of things opening up when it shouldn’t – right?

    Nomad Coat

    I’ve re-worn it so many times that I have to say it really is the most fundamental piece in my life. Its beautiful raw color fits with literally anything, so you can easily toss it over any basics and dress it up or down accordingly.

    Made from our regenerative cotton that we experimented by adding some locally-grown linen flax mix, you can really feel the difference. It gives you structure and protection from temperature change, but because of the nature of the material it feels so breathable. I literally never travel without it!

    Wideleg Pants

    This pants is really versatile. When we were designing it back in 2018, our main focus was comfort. Since, we’ve made several alterations to make it more flattering on multiple body types: From adding the side button to have a clean minimal front, to a hidden rubber back that moves with you. One try and you’ll understand why.

    I have this in 2 colors: M’ALAM for darker tops and KAPAS for lighter options, or when I want to bring more contrast. I’ve also recently added The Handwoven Chino in my pants rotation. The only regret is why I didn’t do it sooner.

      Little Black Dress

      A black dress is always perfect. I’ve found that this piece is perfect for any occasions, from formal and work events, to relaxed for weddings and dinners. It’s got this really cool assymetrical front cut drape that feel flirty and edgy at the same time. I pair mine with sneakers for an effortless feel. And throwing the Nomad Coat over it just in case it gets chilly.

      Statement Blazer

      This is actually my newest staple. I’ve worn it for 2 months now and I love it! As my wardrobe consists of mainly black and white, this piece really adds an oomph whenever I need to speak up.

      The length hits just below the hip with a soft oversized shoulders, making me feel really confident. Pair it with the Classic Wrap Top and jeans, and you’re good to go. I love imagining a little niece wearing this one day. Plus, with Winter coming up, a pop of color brings joy to the gloom.

        My clothes are no longer anonymous. They are my connection with proud communities who made it and the soil where it came from. Learn more about cost-per-wear, the revolutionary way of looking at your purchase here.

        From these pieces, comes an infinite amount of mix-and-match possibilities. And the best thing? This simplified wardrobe system is much more wallet-friendly in the long run! No more decision fatigue, feeling more empowered, and contributing to some of the most pressing environmental issues of our lifetime. Talk about a win-win situation :)

        What about you? Which pieces do you find yourself reaching for over and over again? Interested to give it a try? Join the conversation by tagging us on social media or the old-school, never-fail way of emailing us :)

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