4 Hijab Friendly Looks by Astri Puji Lestari

4 Hijab Friendly Looks by Astri Puji Lestari

We first met Atiit at our Mindful Styling Session in our flagship, where we bring communities interested to learn more about thoughtful fashion mindsets. Hosted by Andra Alodita, we came together to learn different perspectives on how we can be more thoughtful and intentional in our fashion choices.

Atiit shared her thoughts on dressing concerns for women who are seeking modest fashion. And how with creativity, there are so many beautiful options available.

She brought so many insights about leading a mindful and minimalist lifestyle. Her followers enjoy reading about her growth journey on social media, where she shares the values she upholds and the lifestyle choices she is shifting towards for a healthier planet. 

We thought her insights would make for a fruitful discussion about clothes, especially considering her hijab friendly clothing preference. Our community has also been keen on discovering more about this lately, and so this feels like the perfect time for us to explore further! 

We invited her over to our Flagship for a quick chat and she gave some of our pieces a try. Here are four looks she was able to whip up according to her style and preference!


Look 1

She combines the KAPAS Embroidered Oversized Shirt (a gender neutral piece that’s part of our fresh from the farm pieces!) and KAPAS Hemstitched Curator’s Pants for a monochrome Raw White style that suits her minimalist look. She completes her hijab friendly style with a color-coordinated head covering that blends well with the earthy tone she was going for.

Might we add that this can be a great look for Eid al-Fitr celebrations with the family. On this special occasion you’re also bringing the joys and prayers of the Ibus who have handcrafted these pieces for you – definitely adding to the festivities!


Look 2

Next, she styles the same head covering from Look 1 but this time adding some extra touches to the color. Looking so fresh and revived in Indigo Blue from top to bottom with our Fresh From The Farm pieces. She paired three pieces together, all in SERIBU BUNGA: the Asymmetrical Drape Top, Sylk Throw, and Knot Skirt. A great look for reunions, fun family gatherings on a lovely weekend, and so much more!

To suit her clothing preferences, she needed additional sleeve covering to complement her overall look. As the Sylk Throw is a loose fit that can easily slip to reveal your sleeves, these additional accessories were needed for modest fashion. Thankfully, due to the lightness and breathability of the Throw, this additional layer was still comfortable and functional as it is stylish to flaunt.


Look 3

Moving on to the evening look! We introduced her to the new, Fresh From the Farm ANGKASA: Sinar pieces when it had just launched and she immediately gave the eye-catching Effortless Top a try. The Jelawe Gold color (a Flagship exclusive!) really made it her statement piece! She paired the top with the Sinar Kain in Indigo Black. Perfect for a gala night or those more special evening events.

With this look, she had to change to a predominantly black first-layer – switching to the black head covering and long-sleeved top. For her bottoms, she draped the Sinar Kain by wrapping it around her waist and letting it hang loose to allow for ease of movement.


Look 4

For her final look, she kept her first layer from Look 3 and changed into the all (Indigo) Black monochrome look with our ANGKASA pieces. This time pairing the ANGKASA Constellation Throw with the Tilem Pants, combining pieces from both the permanent and fresh from the farm collections together. The result? The staple ANGKASA look from top to bottom!

This look is perfect for the everyday. It appeals to the minimalist because of its pure versatility and timelessness, no matter the occasion–from running errands to hopping on meetings at the office.

Clothes should be a celebrated work of art for the wearer. This means we should be free to express ourselves through the clothes we wear, without feeling restricted nor criticized for it. As long as we’re comfortable in it, feel safe, and that it presents our values in the best way possible, we shouldn’t be sorry for being confident with our style!

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