Denica's Travel Capsule Wardrobe: London Edition

Denica's Travel Capsule Wardrobe: London Edition

In April 2024, I embarked on my first solo trip to London and took the opportunity to field test my capsule wardrobe system. As I’m traveling on my own, light packing is important for me so I brought 10* pieces for two weeks (3 Jackets, 2 pants, 4 tops to mix and match and 1 Kain for everything else).

Here are some of my favorite looks:

I wanted to be prepared for any possibility of casual and formal meetings, so I chose to bring 2 different colors for every staple. They’re all pieces that I’ve been re-wearing for years, with the only exception being the ANGKASA Classic Wrap Top as a pop of color that explains our farm-to-closet model (this blue being the only hue our Ibus can dye during the rainy season).


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I paired it with the ANGKASA Jacquard Sartorial Wideleg Pants that’s more maxi than our regular Wideleg, making me feel extra tall and won me compliments from strangers! Finishing it with the KAPAS Structured Blazer that works really well for a smart look in work settings.

To tone it down a notch and make it more casual, KAPAS Nomad Coat is always my go-to. This 4-years old piece has accompanied me through so many travels, I normally wear it at least twice a week (for Math nerds out there: can you guess how much is the cost-per-wear?)

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I also brought the Wideleg Pants in black (i.e. ANGKASA Tilem Pants), because when in doubt always choose black ;) It’s a great base for a more formal vibe. I paired it with my 3-years old ANGKASA Boss Lady Shirt that I wear everywhere. I love it because it feels so effortlessly cool with the arms that mimic the seen/unseen philosophy of Bali.

I mainly paired it with the KAPAS Nomad Coat, but then suddenly I had a meeting with a curator from a museum and felt like I wanted to up the look a notch. Fortunately, I brought my 2-year-old ANGKASA Origin Coat with me. I was initially worried it might be an overdose of motif but it totally elevated it!

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The Origin Coat is also the thickest (and warmest) outer we have, so I always bring it with me to Europe as the weather is so unpredictable. The outer is made of our handwoven, regenerative cotton that gives its comforting weight, while the inner is using our 100% linen that is naturally dyed with Indigo to create the botanical black.

The last 2 staples I want to highlight are The Little Black Dress: always handy to bring as you can wear it to evening meetings. I also always bring the SERIBU BUNGA Silk Kain as it’s so versatile: Throw it over your shoulder as a shawl, tie it as a skirt, or as a cover to your pillow when you’re homesick.

blazer, coat, outerwear, outer, women's outer, jacket, batik indonesia, batik tulis, handcrafted, slow fashion, sustainable fashion

Wearing all natural fibres and natural dyes let your skin breathe. Every night, I simply hang them out on the balcony to air it out. And in the morning, put them in the bathroom so the steam from your shower naturally irons them. Fewer, better life hacks!

The best thing from this all? I had so much fun!

The capsule wardrobe system allowed me to get more from less. Investing in several key staples, which then helps you to mix and match them into unlimited possibilities. Having less stuff with me helps in making time and space for what matters most: Connecting with the people around you.

I hope it inspired you to start your own capsule wardrobe! Remember that there is no right or wrong, you just have to experiment in finding what works for you. And the journey itself may be the answer.

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