How to Style the ANGKASA Langit Scarves

How to Style the ANGKASA Langit Scarves

There are just so many ways you can style the ANGKASA Langit Square Scarf! Consider this your lookbook on the styles you can recreate to maximize its full potential.

ANGKASA Langit Square Scarf 

With a dimension of 110 x 110 cm, its size allows you to fold and drape in various ways. Its dimension is also flattering for modest fashion seekers to style as a head cover as shown by Guzelya below. All you need is a couple of safety pins to secure around the edges so that it’ll envelop your beautiful face nicely. Plus, you can adjust the way it drapes as you please by letting the excess length drop elegantly over your shoulders to refine the overall silhouette of your look.


Looking for something simple to do with the Square Scarf? Arti shows us how! Firstly, as a wrap belt over the waist (left picture below); and secondly, as a neck scarf (right picture below) that’s perfect when it gets breezy outside. You don’t even need any additional pins or tricks for these ones – you just simply need to tie a few knots and voila!

To recreate the Wrap Belt look, fold the scarf into a big triangle by adjoining the scarf’s edges in a diagonal way. Then, twist the folded scarf around until it becomes one long rope so that you can easily wrap around your waist and cinch into a knot. Adjust the knot to the side of your waist to avoid a bulk look at the front. Check out how Arti does it here.

Meanwhile, if you opt for the Neck Scarf look, retain the rope-like fold so that it looks like one long, thin cloth; and then fold it into half by adjoining the edges together. Wrap it around your neck with the opened edge on one side of your shoulder, and the closed edge on the opposite side. Lock the Neck Scarf by inserting the opened edge into the other side so that it’ll hug your neck from front to back. Check out how Arti does it here.

If you’re looking for something chic, and are up for a style challenge, here’s an idea: You can style the Square Scarf as a top! Find the looks below, as field tested by Natasha.

For this look, you’ll need some patches to cover, because wearing a top undergarment may not be the chicest idea. The objective is to accentuate your alluring shoulders, so flaunting a strapless look may be the most optimal style (left most picture below), but that’s not to say you can’t layer your look! The strapless tube top style pairs well with the HARA Canvas Overshirt (middle picture below) and HARA Relaxed Shirt (right most picture).


ANGKASA Langit Ethereal Scarf 

The Ethereal Scarf is more modest to style. The unique sheer appearance of the scarf can well be the additional accent you’re looking for to refine your curated looks.

Let it simply hug your neck and shoulders (left picture below) or let it cinch your waist in a beautiful drape (right picture below) so you can play with your silhouette and flaunt a head-turning look.


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