The True Cost of Our Colorful Closets

The True Cost of Our Colorful Closets

I’ve shared a lot about the issue of synthetic dyeing, and today I’m inviting you to watch this powerful documentary about what really goes on behind our colourful closets.

How your clothes are dyed is one of the most polluting aspects in its production impact. Everyday, tons of toxic chemicals enter our rivers from textile dyeing. Devastating not only our Planet but also posing health hazard to the makers’ families.

Thing is, it’s a reality that’s not only happening in large factories. The problem also gets outsourced to villages. I first became aware of it when I was doing my research: women working with synthetic dyes from their kitchen. Without any protective equipment or means to filter the toxic waste.

And that’s the same water families use to bathe, wash, and irrigate the crops we eat.

Sustainable Clothes Natural Dye Ramah Lingkungan

This is exactly why we invest so much time in natural dye research and trainings in our villages. To protect our Ibus and our only Planet – but also you and me.Do you know the feeling when something hits you like a ton of bricks? You're shaken to the core and you cannot believe you've never heard of this before? Yes, I've been there a couple times. And while it's sometimes hard to take in the truth, I also find it to be necessary. Because only if we know reality for what it is, can we begin to change it. 

That's why I'd love to invite you to watch this brilliant documentary by Martin Boudot. It's about the Citarum River in West Java which was recently named the most polluted river in the world - thanks to over 500 textile factories that dump tons of toxic waste water in it every day.

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Now, tell me what you think! If you find it eye opening, please do share it. I know the problem seems so big and it's easy to feel to small to solve it, but I firmly believe to never doubt a small group of committed individuals in changing the world.

As always, stay safe and kind.

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