A Motherhood Journey

A Motherhood Journey
Our #MadeRight clothes are built from connection, between you, our Ibus, and the Earth. Each is a reminder of how intertwined our lives are, inspiring us to reconnect with what matters most. So on this year's Mother's Day, I am honored to share a letter written by Dewi L. on how #MadeRight has impacted her life.

I was first introduced to Sukkha Citta by my childhood friend when I was on my first trimester of pregnancy and instantly fell in love with the story and concept of the brand. Their endless effort to empower women and their resilience to educate us on sustainable clothing is something that is truly inspiring, and moving at the same time. Reading their stories gives me hope, and to see their beautiful creations is truly a joy every time. I love how each piece has a story, each colors are representative of nature and each pattern comes with an intention.

I started wearing Sukkha Citta dresses when I was around 20 weeks pregnant, and their looser cutting carry me through my pregnancy until around 35 weeks, when I was too too big to wear mostly anything but a maternity legging and my dear husband’s oversized Tshirt. I continued wearing their dresses post-birth because they are just the most comfortable to wear, and then decided to take my mom and baby photos wearing various Sukkha Citta dresses which carry special meaning to me.

Pregnancy Friendly Sustainable Fashion
When Lucas was 10 weeks old, we were still in the middle of Circuit Breaker in Singapore and I was sad because we were not able to take a newborn photos with Lucas. However, my husband agreed to a virtual photoshoot and acted as the cameraman carrying tripod around while the photographer was on facetime directing him to go left right up and down. It was definitely an interesting experience. I chose the Alunan Porcelain Summer Breeze dress because the pattern encourages us to slow down and to be present in the moment. Which is something that every new Mom needs. To slow down. To breathe. To stay in the moment, and to be contented with the present time. With all its joy and limitation.

Sustainable Fashion Natural Dye Breastfeeding Friendly
Picture: Nic Imai

The second photo was taken when Lucas was about 5,5 months by Nic Imai Photography. We needed to postponed this session a few times due to rains and cloudy days. But on the day, the morning was perfect. The sun was shining its golden rays and little Lucas was so calm and contented. I chose a custom Forrest Green Titik Structured dress. Titik means feeling enough. Which again, as a Mother, is sometimes a great struggle. It is difficult to feel enough, to accept that no matter how hard we tried, there is no such things as perfection when you are navigating motherhood. Acceptance, feeling enough, surrender and being kind to ourself is the most important, yet it is also the hardest. Often we are our greatest critics, and we forget that among all the bad days, there are many other good days.

Through our mistakes and difficulties, we learn new things everyday about ourself and our baby, and sometimes, this is Enough.

Our most recent photo session was again by our favorite photographer and it is to mark Lucas’s First Birthday! It is a huge milestone and I chose to wear the Gold Canang Intertwine dress for multiple reasons. Yellow gold color is a color of Joy and Happiness. The small jasmine flowers are a symbol of Hope and the canang arrangement is an act of gratitude and devotion, a daily rituals of surrender. They represents what I feel is the essence of my Motherhood experience. Lastly, the intertwine style - because a family is a unit. It is not a stand alone. It comprises of 2 very different individuals who choose to come together and form a family, to create a safe place to raise a baby, to be constantly intertwined in their dance of life, riding the waves of ups and downs with an open heart, acceptance and kindness.

Batik Dress Ethical Sustainable Ramah Lingkungan
Picture: Nic Imai

On another side note, I love the meaning behind the words SukkhaCitta. Sukkha in Sanskrit means Joy, Happiness. Citta is cloth. So SukkhaCitta together means the Cloth of Joy, which is exactly what they are. They bring joy to us, and to the Ibus and craftsmen who finally get the acknowledgement they deserve and a platform to showcase their artwork. However, in a clever play of words, SukkhaCitta is also read Sukacita - which in Indonesian means full of joy. Being a Nerd wanna be, I just love how they use this play of words to elevate their values and the meaning of their brand.

If you have yet to know Sukkha Citta , visit their site and learn their story. You will be in love.

Love and light,


I wanna hear from you! Share your special experience with #MadeRight so I can share it with our Ibus <3

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