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Our Artisans' Coffee Design Challenge!

We need your help: Be the judge in our first-ever design and storytelling challenge!


2 months ago, we had a design and storytelling training in Jlamprang Village. We challenged the women to create their own batik motif – inspired by the recent coffee harvest in their village.

A little background: The women here didn’t go to school. Located 2 hours from the main city, there aren’t many employment opportunities in the village besides farming. Working far from home becomes almost impossible especially after the women become mothers.

This was actually the reason why we focused on Batik trainings here: to create opportunities particularly for these women to still earn a fair income while caring for the families. But it doesn't stop there. Empowerment to me goes further. It's important that we equip these craftswomen with the right skills - so SHE can change her own life. Not us, but her.



Empowerment to me goes further. It's important to me that we equip these craftswomen with the right skills - so she can change her own life.


That’s why a huge part of our work happens behind the scene. Running trainings that aim to expand her skills - and thus opportunities - for artisans working from home. The design challenge is an important part of that. And yesterday – their stories arrived!!! I’m a sucker this way, but seeing their designs really fills my heart with pride.

So now, I want them to get your feedback! Help us choose 2 designs to turn into one-of-a-kind scarves next year, so the artisans can see her design come to life. Head over to our Instagram to see their drawings - and share your voice :)!