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Posts tagged: Field Notes

What if your clothes can heal the Planet?

Changing how your clothes are grown is key to stop global warming. Sounds crazy? Read how we're doing it here.

The Story Behind ANGKASA

When was the last time you looked up to the stars? Read the origin story that inspired your new favourite motif.

Farm to Closet: Natural Dye Yellow

Ever wonder how we dye your #MadeRight Gold hues with fruits? Meet Terminallia Belirica! Its tree is considered sacred in our villages, so our Ibus forage only the fruits that fell to the ground. Ensuring zero harm is done to the ecosystem, while also protecting our rivers.

Threads of Hope

Meet the women that makes your clothes so meaningful. Through living wage and access to education, we are changing lives in rural Indonesia. This month, we are in Bali running trainings that help mothers who lost their livelihoods in the crisis learn new skills to care for their families.

Why we use natural dyes

That was a question one of our #MadeRight Tribe asked when she came by our booth last weekend. As a business, isn’t it rational to choose the cheaper option, the more efficient one that can easily make a lot more? Why go through all the trouble to source and process...

Field Notes | Gesikharjo Training

It is already close to midnight when we finally arrive in Gesikharjo. We are tired from the five hour drive from Surabaya but also very excited about our mission: We are here to kick off a training and capacity building program that will stretch over the entire year. Together with...

TITIK: We Are Enough

Pak Nahndiyin  is visibly proud. He is one of the weavers in Medono who works on our upcoming collection: TITIK. This new hand jacquard technique we are using is highly complex and requires outmost concentration: The weavers have to operate a total of six pedals, never losing count of their...

Medono's Knots: A Program For The Weavers' Wives

After our trip last month, we have been testing different initiatives in the village to find what works. This week, we are back to test and document the effectiveness of each program. During one of our surveys, we found out that most of the weavers are and have been traditionally a...