SukkhaCitta on the March Issue of Selvedge Magazine

SukkhaCitta on the March Issue of Selvedge Magazine

Selvedge magazine was established by Polly Leonard whose passions and interests in the culture of cloth and textile led to the start of an avenue for independent designers, artisans, and makers to convey their textile stories and its significance on human history. We’re honored to be featured on Issue #117, where she spotlights four other conscious labels that celebrate age-old crafts techniques, Indigo plant dye being the highlighted craft this issue.

"Less than 200 years ago, almost the whole world wore clothes made from plant or animal fibre. So we started going back. Village to village, finding older Ibus who still remember their grandma’s natural dye recipes.”

To read the feature article, you can find Issue #117 on their website.

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