2023: Our Ibus to the World!

2023: Our Ibus to the World!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to reflect on a year filled with remarkable achievements, sustainable initiatives, and global recognition. All of this was made possible thanks to your continuous support for our Ibus, as well as their grit and perseverance with each handcrafted work they’ve made – to make this world a better place for their communities and beyond.


Recipient of DBS Foundation’s Social Enterprise Award

In a triumphant start to the year, we were honored to receive the prestigious DBS Foundation’s Social Enterprise Award, recognizing our dedication to social impact and sustainable practices.


Start of construction of Rumah SukkhaCitta Flores (5th Craft School)

Groundbreaking moments as construction commenced on Rumah SukkhaCitta Flores, our fifth Craft School! Symbolizing our commitment to empowering local communities through skill development.


KAPAS: Tumpang Sari Launch Party

The launch of KAPAS: Tumpang Sari marked a celebration that continues to echo throughout the walls of our Flagship at ASHTA District 8 to this day. It was our first-ever big launch party in store, showcasing the meaningful stories behind each woven thread. In particular, it was the story of our Creative Director, Ana, that inspired the collection – one of simple times, of boundless curiosity, and endless exploration. A time spent with her Oma and Opa: Weekend sleepovers, new frocks, all her favourite dishes on the table, and the warmth of time spent together. It was brief, it was beautiful. This new collection is now part of our SukkhaCitta Icons, the staple styles that will remain relevant due to its timeless silhouettes and effortless elegance for the everyday.

SukkhaCitta listed on Good On You with a 4 out of 5 rating

Receiving recognition on Good On You with an impressive 4 out of 5 rating has made our team do a little dancey-dance at the office. Good On You is one of the industry’s most trusted and esteemed platforms that rates big to small brands with a sustainability rating based on three criteria: people, planet and animals. They have quite a comprehensive brand directory that lists fashion brands from all over the world so that conscious customers are well informed about their mission and product offerings. We’re glad to be included in their directory; getting a 4 out of 5 is a great start, so we’re looking forward to seeing how we can improve from here on out!

SukkhaCitta was part of ERIA’s initiative on Net Summit Zero Conference

Taking our commitment to sustainability further, we actively participated in ERIA's initiative on the Net Summit Zero Conference, contributing to the global dialogue on sustainable practices.



Joining ZERRIN’s Earth Month Pop Up in Singapore

We joined ZERRIN's Earth Month Pop Up and finally extended our reach to a wider audience! It was so great to have our team members meet our communities in Singapore in person, which led to getting media coverage on Vogue Singapore and Eco-Business.



First-ever Ana’s Try-on Party

Ana's Try-on Party marked a joyous occasion for us and our tight-knit tribe, bringing our community together to experience the beautiful, exclusive #MadeRight pieces that our Ibus made. The event felt so close and personal to our hearts, because we could really interact with those who came!


Cartier Women’s Initiative – First Indonesian woman to win first place

A historic moment as co-founder and CEO, Denica became the first Indonesian woman to secure first place, winning the Cartier Women's Initiative for the South Asia & Central Asia region.



SukkhaCitta joins a sharing session with MBA students from Walton MBA – University of Arkansas

Sharing insights and experiences, our team members engaged with MBA students from the University of Arkansas, fostering a connection between academia and sustainable entrepreneurship in a fruitful sharing session organized by the Bali Institute.



Celebrating Tempeh Day with Dr. A. Driando Ahnan-Winarno

Taking our connection with indigenous wisdom one step deeper, we invited Driando Ahnan, the tempe scientist, to celebrate National Tempeh Day with us. As one of the most active members of our #MadeRight tribe and ground-breaking changemakers in our community, it was only natural that we gave him the floor to talk about his passion for tempeh and amplifying that to a global audience.


SukkhaCitta's Case Study for Sustainable Fashion Communication by the UN Environment Programme

Acknowledged by the UN Environment Programme, our brand was mentioned as a case study that set a benchmark for sustainable fashion communication.

Collaboration with Amartha for Community Gathering and Auction

Partnering with Amartha, a fintech lending platform, we hosted a Community Gathering and first-ever Auction. The proceeds from the auction went to fund our programs in Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation.


Bridal Fashion Presentation at Plataran’s Wedding Showcase

We debuted our atelier pieces for weddings and customizations at Plataran’s wedding showcase, which was named Archipelago’s Timeless Tales. We held a presentation of the ready-to-wear bridal looks that can be styled and refined in multiple ways. We’ve always been available for custom orders, but this truly marked the beginning of our atelier for a wider range of audience to inquire.


7th Birthday Soiree

Celebrating seven years of empowering women in villages and ethical craftsmanship, we hosted a memorable birthday soiree at our Flagship. Reminiscing the start of the journey with people who have been through it all from the beginning, while greeting new faces who have decided to choose change by hopping on this journey together with us. Read about the entire experience in a separate blog post.


Our Co-founder and CEO, Denica, on Endgame

Denica shared some insights on a new Endgame episode with Tanah Sullivan and Gita Syahrani, addressing the hidden tiers in the supply chain and realizing the externalities that come with the rise of capitalism. This was the second time Denica appeared on Endgame, read about her first experience here.


SukkhaCitta & Rumah SukkhaCitta join Withersworldwide for regenerative practices

We joined Withersworldwide in Singapore to embrace regenerative practices by getting new leads for partnerships and more. We also got the opportunity to spread the word about Rumah SukkhaCitta Foundation and show the works of our lovely Ibus to new audiences, which is always a story worth sharing!



Joining at Unearth Space in Gandaria, South Jakarta

Expanding our presence and re-connecting with a space we’ve entered before, we decided to rejoin Unearth Space in Gandaria. Our pieces are still available until the end of January 2024, so if you’re in the area come visit!


SERIBU BUNGA SappanPink™ Launch

The launch of SERIBU BUNGA SappanPink™ broke barriers. The SERIBU BUNGA Statement Blazer became the center of everyone’s attention, from gaining online interest to filling the room with a renewed sense of awe at the Earthshot Prize in Singapore and COP 28 in the UAE. We have our amazing girlbosses and changemakers, Farwiza Farhan and Tiza Mafira.

SukkhaCitta in New York City via The Canvas

Crossing borders, we’re finally available in New York City! Thanks to our partnership with The Canvas, available at the World Trade Center. Where else should we pop up? Let us know by sending us a message on our Instagram.


Joining ZERRIN’s Second Pop Up in the Year

We returned to ZERRIN's pop-up for the second time this year. This time, their pop-up theme was Crafting Change and we joined from November 3 to 30 to continue greeting our community in Singapore. Our Partnerships Extraordinaire, Arti, managed to meet some new friends that we’re excited to work with in the New Year, so stay tuned!


Collaboration with AGo Architects at Bintaro Design District 2023

Partnering with AGo Architects, we appeared at Bintaro Design District 2023, showcasing the intersection of design and sustainability. Our joint exhibition, named ESENSI, is an invitation to reconnect with what matters.


Launch of ANGKASA: Sinar and Collaboration with Bimasena

We hosted an intimate preview of our latest collection launch of the year, ANGKASA: Sinar. We welcomed people in our joint community to gather at The Lounge Grha Bimasena located inside The Dharmawangsa Jakarta for an afternoon tea accompanied by an interactive presentation of our signature pieces from Sinar. The collection reveal was a success thanks to the pleasant ambiance of Bimasena’s newly renovated space, which gave our newly arrived formal and evening wear the chance to shine.

SappanPink meets HRH Prince William

A royal encounter as SappanPink™ caught the attention of HRH Prince William at Earthshot Prize in Singapore when Farwiza Farhan wore it to the event. This was a groundbreaking moment for us and our Ibus!


The first and only fashion brand to receive the Nest Seal of Ethically Handcrafted

A monumental achievement as we were recognized as the first and only fashion brand to receive the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft. This means we've met over 100+ standards for ethical and business practices that are verified on the ground. Read about what our Chief Sustainability Officer, Bertram, went through to assist Nest in the auditing process. Ibu Moen, who was interviewed as part of the process, also shared her experiences in a different blog post.


4,799 total trees planted by SukkhaCitta on behalf of your purchase in 2023

Ending the year on a green note, we planted a total of 4,799 trees on behalf of you and your purchases this year! Thank you for choosing this mission, thank you for choosing change.


First-ever Perfectly Imperfect Event at Unearth Space

We wanted to share with you the perfectly imperfect pieces made by students of Rumah SukkhaCitta. Giving you the chance to adopt these perfectly lovable pieces that haven’t quite met our standards yet, but are still beautiful nonetheless. We received such positive responses, so we’re definitely keen on sharing more of these perfectly imperfect pieces in the new year!

As we embrace 2024, these milestones from 2023 serve as a reminder to our unwavering commitment to becoming a force for change, a force for good. So that women artisans in last mile communities continue to be empowered and receive appreciation for the work that they do, while also learning to be resilient in the face of climate change.

Once again, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you! Thank you for choosing change this year – we hope to see more of you in the new year! 

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