SukkhaCitta on World Economic Forum Agenda

SukkhaCitta on World Economic Forum Agenda
We entered the new decade with an unexpected honour!

World renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who is also in the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, shared about our work in the Agenda following the prestigious gathering in Davos.

Denica has combined her deep knowledge of economics with an understanding of culture’s ability to create trust to found SukhhaCitta, a social enterprise that connects textile artisans in rural villages across Indonesia with a global market. Denica has pioneered a new transparency standard: #MadeRight — a promise that any fabric sold by SukkhaCitta is made by artisans making a living wage, is environmentally sustainable, and supports a traditional cultural practice.

Her work joins two seemingly unrelated sectors: manufacturing and culture. It echoes the kind of exchange that Fitzgerald celebrated, that we hear in Bach, and that ecologists have long understood as the “edge effect” — that where two ecosystems meet, where there is least density of life, that’s where the most new life forms exist. Denica’s work is a “cultural edge effect,” creating new connections between people and ideas. And it’s the kind of work that I see over and over again, “venture cultural capitalism,” work defined by trust, truth, and service.


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