SukkhaCitta for Warner Music Indonesia

SukkhaCitta for Warner Music Indonesia

When Warner Music Indonesia reached out, we knew this was a very special project.

We were brought together by the shared vision of a regenerative economy. And we wanted this moment to be a spark, creating lasting positive change in Indonesia and beyond. 

Most importantly, we wanted it to be the start of a dialogue. Using the art of music and craft as forms of activism. Especially now more than ever, when it's so easy to lose hope.

And so, we both chose ANGKASA to embody this message: Our series of work that reinterprets celestial connections to the Universe. Each star represents a homage to the philosophy of a well-known band who works with the record label, reminding us to look for things that unite us – instead of those that divide us. This custom order came just in time with the launch of our newest ANGKASA Sinar pieces last October, allowing our Ibus to practice and hone their batik-making skills for the world to enjoy and rejoice.

The custom orders took three months to complete once an agreement was made. As we work with multiple villages, and completed multiple trial-and-errors to deliver the vision of these pieces in the best quality, we’re excited to mention that our Ibus have expanded their skills in the process! 

It has been an honour and a privilege to do custom work for Warner Music Indonesia. Choosing products that not only empower local artisans but also live up to high environmental standards was of great importance to them. We were more than happy to manifest their desires into reality!

This project and collaboration has demonstrated the commitment and action local players are willing to take to support sustainability as a significant element in establishing global impact. Together, with the global superstar in question, we’re excited to amplify this mission further and inspire other players to know the impact behind the decisions they make.

If you’d like to explore custom order possibilities together with us, we’d be happy to connect with you.

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