SukkhaCitta for Ibu Arsitek

SukkhaCitta for Ibu Arsitek

In celebration of Ibu Arsitek’s fifth birthday, we were honored to become their official merchandise partner to represent the power of women and the many hats they wear in their daily lives.

Ibu Arsitek is a collective formed by women architects in Indonesia, with the mission to empower one another.

It’s no secret that when juggling the colorful roles of being a mother, wife and working professional all in one, unprecedented challenges are bound to happen.

This collaboration was initiated to demonstrate that when a woman speaks up, her community follows.

Just like the Ibus in our villages – who are making strides to uplift her entire community.

Reminding us of the power to bloom, Seribu Bunga captures the intention accurately. Additionally, we created a customized Happiness Bracelet in three special naturally dyed colors, which are aligned with Ibu Arsitek’s color elements. This meaningful accessory is a reminder of what truly matters. Each knot is a prayer by our Ibus, using heritage tradition passed from mothers to daughters.

To be able to connect with initiatives and collectives to amplify this very mission is why we’re here. Together with Ibu Arsitek, we are recognizing the importance of empowering women while simultaneously caring for the environment we live in.

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