SukkhaCitta for Ed Sheeran

SukkhaCitta for Ed Sheeran

We’re excited to share that, in the span of just half a year, we were able to collaborate twice with Warner Music Indonesia. Particularly, in assisting their gifting needs for their special guests – that’s where we come in. This time, they asked if we could customize a #MadeRight piece for their new guest artist who held a concert earlier this month.

If you guessed Ed Sheeran, you’re definitely right!

The internationally renowned singer-songwriter visited Indonesia for his Mathematics Tour on Saturday, March 2nd. This was the artist’s second time in Indonesia, but it’s his first time receiving our Ibus’ handcrafted work.

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He was given a custom ANGKASA Origin Kain with his Mathematics Tour symbols (+–=÷x) carefully hand-embroidered on suitable areas of the fabric. Our Ibus were careful not to embroider the symbols over the iconic batik motifs that fill the plant-dyed black Kain (Indonesian for cloth), but instead enhance its overall appearance with each thread that is woven to form the five characters.


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