SukkhaCitta for Mastercard

SukkhaCitta for Mastercard

In the spirit of amplifying the beauty of our local heritage, including indigenous crafts of batik tulis and natural dye using regeneratively grown plants with the tumpang sari philosophy in mind, we are enthusiastic to share that Mastercard has entrusted us with their most recent exclusive gifting needs for their international clients. This shared vision, of promoting Indonesia, became the underlying motivation of our partnership with Mastercard. Brought together by the shared vision of a regenerative economy, this collaboration aims to spark lasting positive change in Indonesia and beyond.

Using fashion and limitless possibilities as the doorway for meaningful dialogues across industries on what it means to have a climate positive future.


With our very own distinguishable ANGKASA batik motif and their event theme, “Nusantara, illuminating the world,” our women artisans handcrafted the bespoke scarves with a message for their international clients to bring and carry – as a token of appreciation for their campaign participation.

The process involved both parties from Mastercard and our team to discuss the expectations and preferences of the agreed-upon output; afterward, we pass on the exciting part of the work to our villages where our women artisans start crafting! 

This partnership is a demonstration of our shared commitment to empower lives in rural communities while also preserving Indonesia’s indigenous crafts so that it will live on, enjoyed, and cherished by many across different cultures, fields and industries. It has been such an honor to work on this exciting project with Mastercard, we hope to embark on a new adventure together.


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