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KAPAS - Pin Tuck Summer Dress

IDR 4,290,000.00

You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress - all at once. Each thread a unique part of you, imperfectly interwoven into a tapestry that is your life.


  • Effortless. Thoughtfully designed V-Neck with hidden buttons that flatter, not reveal. Features subtle handmade pleats and hemstitched details.
  • Years, not wears. Made with 2,000 threads of raw cotton, she lets your skin breathe and gets softer with every wear.
  • Beyond sustainability. Made using our regenerative cotton and handwoven without electricity, she is the greenest dress you could find.

    Fiorenza wears Size I She is 170cm, EU size S.



KAPAS means cotton in Indonesian. Each piece in this farm-to-closet collection is grown regeneratively to heal Mother Earth. Restoring the soil's natural ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere through our Ibus' ancestral Tumpang Sari wisdom. Taking 180 days to grow, spin, weave and stitch.

MATERIAL | Regenerative cotton grown by indigenous women farmers
CRAFT | Manual Handloom
STITCHED IN | Bali, Indonesia
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

Customer Reviews

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A. (Indonesia)
Beautiful dress, impeccable craftsmanship

Like every good love story, we wanted our wedding and what we wear to be unique and true to the love that inspired them. So when he finally popped the question, I had no other brand in mind but SukkhaCitta :) We both opted for a ready-to-wear Kapas because we wanted it to be still white-themed and are totally in love with the concept that our wedding could regenerate the planet! The team was especially supportive in helping alter the height of this dress. Best thing? We still wear our beautiful #MadeRight pieces - even months after the wedding. What kind of value can you place on that? Thank you to everyone and the Ibus who made this vision happen. We love your impeccable work!

100% Plants

We use only traceable natural materials and plant dyes. Grown regeneratively and processed without any chemicals.

12 Families Impacted

Proceeds fund our craft schools, providing access to education for women to rise from poverty while sustaining heritage crafts.

1 Tree in Your Name

Proceeds fund our reforestation programs, turning degraded soil into abundant forests for communities most in need.

KAPAS - Pin Tuck Summer Dress

IDR 4,290,000.00