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ANGKASA - Crop Tee

IDR 2,690,000.00

Our classic Crop Tee is also known as everyone-loves-it-top. One try and you'll know why. She effortlessly flatters and makes everyday dressing fun.

  • Simplifies life. The perfect wardrobe staple. You'll find yourself reaching for her everyday.
  • Years, not wears. Handwoven for the everyday and gets softer with age.
  • Real Batik Tulis. Each star drawn by hand, with a tjanting and hot wax. Taking an Ibu 21 days to craft, just for you.
  • Sustainably made. Naturally-dyed with regeneratively-grown plants to protect our environment from toxic chemicals.

    Phoebe wears Noir in All size. She is 169cm, EU size M.
    Anya wears Porcelain in All size. She is 170cm, EU size M.


ANGKASA reminds you to follow your North Star. Let the moon, the stars and the sky guide your steps. Follow what makes your heart sing instead of what is expected. Strong in your will, soft in your touch. Each invites you on a journey home, to the Universe within.

HANDWOVEN | Central Java, Indonesia
STITCHED IN | Bali, Indonesia
NATURAL DYE | Garnet: Sappan wood + Symplocos leaves, Noir & Porcelain: SweetIndigo™
MATERIAL | Handwoven Raw Cotton
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Antje Nehls (Indonesia)
A dreamy piece of magic...<3

Oh it's always so exciting to receive a package from Sukkhacitta :) Lovely, plastic-free packaging again held a piece of magic for me. You put so much care and love into everything, from the amazing quality of the clothes themselves to the small special touches you give to your packages. I can truly feel that this is something...extraordinary.

I love the idea behind Angkasa and it might be my favourite design/fabric so far! The porcelain colour reveals some blueish cracks that shine through...they almost look like galaxies! As always with the hand-woven cotton, it gets even better the more you wear it, how cool is that! I wear European size 38/40 (M) and the crop-tee fits me perfectly. It's very comfortable and definitely an eye-catcher as well!
Also, don't get anxious about washing it. I have another piece in porcelain (cotton) and was a bit worried in the beginning. But just follow the instructions on the website, you'll be just fine ;)

M.A.P. (Indonesia)
The cutest and comfiest tee!

I was initially hesitant about the Crop Tee because of its cropped silhouette (my body does not usually look good in cropped tops) but this one somehow is different. I was hooked from the moment that I tried it on; and finally got my first Crop Tee in Mama Kapas! The fabric is really soft and the uber cute embroidery just adds a simple but eye-catching touch. Really satisfied with this purchase and looking forward to seeing the Crop Tee in other colors!

Dear Miranda,

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We're so happy to hear that you love this Crop Tee and I do agree that this MAMA KAPAS one is the absolute cutest! Neng Iren did such a great job with the embroidery and although it is quite small, it just adds something so cute and pretty to a look.

We're also so happy to hear that you are comfortable with the silhouette and the fabric, it's so important to us that our pieces are something that you can wear everyday so your words means a lot :) Hope that our Ibus can continue to be a part of your day Miranda!

D.S. (Indonesia)
More than Just A Tee

Im not sure why no one is reviewing this crop tee yet because I am literally obsessed with it. On a first glance it might look a little “plain” compared to other tops with more exciting colors and patters but truly, dont sleep on this one.

The details of this tee are far from boring - the different textures, the cuffed sleeves, the side slits, and the high low cut (I usually dont like high-low tops but this time i have no complaints) - all these things really add to the tee. This is the perfect “grown-up tee” that is a few steps up from your generic white tees that you can just put on and you know it’ll look good on you every single time.

Such a beautiful piece from the Ibus and kudos to the Sukkhacitta team for the wonderful design and amazing customer service as always. 🤍


Dear Devina,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful review. We are happy to hear that you love this crop tee as much as we do! This pieces is so very special to our hearts, taking the Ibus more than 6 months to create it (starting from planting the cotton to sewing it all together). So we're so excited to know that you are obsessed with this piece :)

And we agree that it really is so simple, but we also find that the different textures and little details do add something so beautiful to the piece. Love how you said it's the perfect “grown-up tee” because it really is! Still sophisticated and elegant, but fun as well. And of course, nothing makes us happier to know that it makes you look and feel good every single time you wear it.

We are so grateful for your kind words and encouragement Devina, and especially so grateful that you've allowed our Ibus to be part of your story ❤️

D.S. (Indonesia)
Beautiful Piece

The pictures truly don’t do justice to this top - it is even more beautiful and stunning in person. I bought this in Garnet (brick colored) and the moment I opened the package I was hooked! I will be sure to purchase the other colors. This is the perfect top to wear to any events you’d usually wear Batiks to, and what I love most about this top is how it is structured while at the same time falls on your body with a very lightweight feel and relaxed fit. The cuffs/seams on the sleeves add a nice detail to the design. I find myself having to talk myself out of rewearing this top over and over again since I keep on reaching for this top after it’s washed 😆. I also appreciate that all of my Sukkhacitta pieces don’t wrinkle easily so they are travel-friendly. Thanks to the Ibus for the beautiful craft and to the Sukkhacitta team for a great product and service.

Dear Devina,

Thank you so much for the beautiful review! We agree that the Garnet colour is stunning and there is just something about the warm hues of the shirt that somehow makes the colour really glow. We're so happy that you love all of your SukkhaCitta pieces Devina and the part about how you said this piece 'hooked' you in made me laugh out loud! So happy that we were able to hook you Devina.

It is so nice to hear that you love this top as much as we do! We whole-heartedly agree that this is the perfect top, it's just so easy to wear with anything and can't go wrong. At the same time, it is just so comfortable! Believe me Devina, I also have the same talk to myself every morning to wear a different top (not going to lie, I fail most of the time).

As we travel often to visit our Ibus, making sure that our pieces are travel-friendly was a priority for me so I'm really happy to hear that you appreciate that about our pieces! Hope that you continue enjoying our pieces Devina and looking forward to reading more of your lovely reviews.

100% Plants

We use only traceable natural materials and plant dyes. Grown regeneratively and processed without any chemicals.

12 Families Impacted

Proceeds fund our craft schools, providing access to education for women to rise from poverty while sustaining heritage crafts.

1 Tree in Your Name

Proceeds fund our reforestation programs, turning degraded soil into abundant forests for communities most in need.

ANGKASA - Crop Tee

IDR 2,690,000.00