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Washing Guide

Natural dyes are beautiful and reveal their character with time. To make sure the colors of your favorite #MadeRight pieces remain vibrant, we've put together some common questions and answers for you:


First Things First: Can I use my washing machine?

Since all #MadeRight pieces are carefully crafted by hand, we recommend handwashing them with a mild detergent and cold water. It's actually pretty quick and easy - check out our guide below!


How about Dry-Cleaning?

Yes, you can dry-clean your #MadeRight clothes. While it is a safe option, we generally recommend washing your clothes by hand. It's not only better for the environment - it safes you time and money, too! 


What detergent should I use?

Most importantly, never use bleach or detergents that contain it! In our experience, mild washing powders, lerak as well as hyperallergenic baby shampoo work best!

So how do I wash by hand?


Step 1 | Mix Detergent with Cold Water
Fill a clean bucket with cold or luke-warm water. Then pour about a table spoon of mild detergent and stir well (for liquid detergent, 5ml per liter is the rule of thumb). 

Step 2 | Soak the Clothes
Turn your clothes inside-out and put them in the bucket. Swirl them around gently for about a minute and then let them soak for another 5-10 minutes. 


Step 3 | Rinse Off the Soap
Carefully take the clothes out of the water and put them on a clean towel next to your sink. Then pour out the soap water and rinse the clothes with fresh water for about 1 more minute.


Step 4 | Remove Excess Water
Take the clothes out of the water and squeeze them gently.Make sure to not twist or pull them in the process. 


Step 5 | Hang Dry
Finally, put your clothes on a hanger or a laundry rack and let the wind do its work - no dryer needed! Make sure to avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this may damage the dye.


Tips for Pros

Tip 1 | Ironing
Always iron your clothes inside-out and at a low to medium setting. For cotton and linen, it is ok to use the highest heat setting – but please make sure to spray your clothes with a bit of water first and move the iron quickly.

Tip 2 | Handwashing Silk Dresses
For some items, especially long silk dresses, it is best to NOT hang them to dry right away but to remove some of the water first. This reduces their weight and hence the risk of damage. How to do it: Place your dress or shirt on a big, clean towel and cover it with a second towel. Then gently apply pressure :)


Tip 3 | Stains
If there are stains, apply additional detergent right on the spot and rub the fabric very gently against itself. Let it soak for another 5 minutes. The same applies to the area below the arm pit to remove unwanted odors and/or deodorant stains.

Tip 4 | Never mix different colors
This one's pretty simple. To get the best result, wash different colors separately!


Tip 5 | Ditch the Dryer!
A dryer not only slowly destroys your favorite clothes and fades them out. They waste a ton of energy, too! Line-drying is absolutely sufficient :)


    That's it! Well done! Still have questions? We're just a text/ email away!