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Christine C.
Top quality material and batik

I got this ranum shirt as a birthday present for my dad. He hasn’t had a batik shirt in several years and he so loved this shirt so much. We were both so impressed by the quality and my dad kept saying this is is top quality material and washed and wore it as soon as he could. The fit was great and I loved the beauty of the porcelain shirt - I even I considered stealing it from him. Chatting with Dea was so lovely, she was very personable and I enjoyed our email exchange and her help was invaluable. Item shipped to Singapore and arrived so much faster than expected and there were no issues with custom clearance! Kudos to your team and the Ibus for the warmth and magic that each one of your create. Much love to all of you!

Dearest Christine,

Thank you so much for your beautiful review! We are so happy to hear that you dad loved the Ranum shirt, and especially that you both are impressed with the quality of the shirt. This beautiful shirt took 8 days to craft, with another 29 days alone to grow the dye for the beautiful porcelain colours, so definitely worth it if you decide to steal it from him :)

I also had such a great time chatting with you Christine, and so glad to found someone who enjoys long emails. Hoping that we can meet in real-life someday, but until then, we hope that our Ibus' warmth and magic continues to accompany you through many beautiful moments. Sending you lots of love too from Jakarta!

Antje Nehls
Soft, comfy and so cool..not only talking about the temperature...ya know :)

I purchased the Alunan Malam Nerd Shirt for my partner as a gift and he was so happy about it! He is right between size I and II so I opted for II which makes it nice and flowy on him! And on me too, actually. I totally plan on stealing ehh…borrowing it from him :) It’s incredibly soft and you certainly won’t get sweaty wearing the eucalyptus fibre, it cools your skin even on the hottest summer day.
The craftsmanship is outstanding as it is with all Sukkhacitta pieces. We are super happy with it! It can easily be dressed up or down…it really all depends on how you’re feeling. Thank you so much, Sukkhacitta!

Sergina Loncle
Uniquely gorgeous shirt

This RHANUM shirt is too gorgeous! Its pattern & colors are so unique, such a wonderful art piece. No wonder that it took so many days to craft a shirt. A triumphant salute!

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