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Susan Lea Smith
Truly elegant

It's probably impossible for me to choose a favorite SukkhaCitta piece, but this shirt is clearly in the running. It fits perfectly, seeming tailored just for me. How do you do it? The rich golden brown fabric has a superb softness. I look forward to wearing it for many years to come.

Lydia K
Terpesona sama sukkhacitta

At first we were just captivated by the 2 founders and their passion when we first found the brand in a bazaar, we came home with a few pieces. But this shirt turns out to be my husband’s most fave piece, we had both in pagi and malam colors and it is the definition of “cukerpak” (i.e. Cuci kering pakai), so versatile to wear anywhere from work, formal or casual. Classic basic but with texture so it’s not boring. Best thing is even through so many washes, the shirt remains in its good shape so far. So all the good causes aside, the product itself is top notch 👍 very satisfied.

Hi Lydia,

Thank you so much for your review – this means a lot! We're glad to hear about your initial encounter with us all those years ago. It makes us happy to know that this piece has withstand so many moments for your husband! We hope he continues to love it for years and years to come :)

The SukkhaCitta Team

Sergina Loncle
Elegant shirt ever!

ANYAM shirt is so elegant in its simplicity. The cut, interwoven patterns, and color are perfect for formal & smart casual occasions.

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