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Andini Effendi, Senior Journalist

"(Sustainability is) not about ‘the nature’, it’s about us."

Andini Effendi wants it all, and does it all. Starting as a reporter, to anchor, to producer, her journalism advocates for women’s issues and other global issues. Andini also runs marathons and is a Nature Ambassador of Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara. Andini makes things happen, in style!

SukkhaCitta creates a positive impact by connecting you to the humans behind your clothes. Empowering women to earn a living wage while regenerating their environment. Together, we create beauty. A different kind of beauty, where every choice changes the world for the better.

In her interview, Andini is wearing One-of-a-Kind SERIBU BUNGA Long Kebaya Peranakan, SENJA Essential Cami, One-of-a-Kind BUKETAN Kain. For her second look, she is wearing ALUNAN Bloom Jumpsuit and ALUNAN Pagi Sore Blazer. Shop her picks here.