Nadine Alexandra Dewi, Actress and Activist

Nadine Alexandra Dewi, Actress and Activist

"At the end of the day, as humans, we’re all interconnected, one way or another."

 Nadine Alexandra SukkhaCitta

The former Puteri Indonesia title holder has since put her platform to great use. Nadine cares deeply about the environment; she advocates for reforestations and is an Orangutan Warrior. She is also a feminist who believes in women’s resilience & empowerment. Nadine represents an urban woman who cares, and has the power to uplift and platform our Ibus.

Through Yayasan Rumah SukkhaCitta, we have been supporting smallholder farmers in East and Central Java to transition into regenerative farming. From mother’s planting organic cotton in her backyards, local cows as natural fertilizers and dyers harvesting Indigo during its natural crop rotation, we have a vision to bring back our Indigenous crops to regenerate the health of our soil & the earth.

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