Ayu Kartika Dewi, Peacebuilder

Ayu Kartika Dewi, Peacebuilder

"I think we need to move to a more circular model where a business sells not only products, but also care and repair services." 

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 sukkhacitta ayu kartika dewi kapas angkasa alunan

The personal is political with Ayu Kartika Dewi, whose career revolves around national peacebuilding initiatives through her work with the President, Indika Foundation , and SabangMerauke, among others. Her Moslem-Catholic wedding ceremony made waves in a country used to mono-religious marriages.

Ayu walks the talk, even when it means walking against the grain. Similarly, #SukkhaCitta went against the grain of the fashion industry as a slow-fashion, ethical brand. From handmade self-manufacturing, all-natural dyeing process, and committing to climate resilience efforts.

Ayu is wearing 
ANGKASA Long Scarf, ALUNAN Evening Coat, ANGKASA Pleated Dress on her interview, and KAPAS Blazer (one of a kind), KAPAS Kaftan Dress, KAPAS Asymmetrical Skirt as her second look. Shop her picks here. 

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