Hannah Al Rashid, Actress

Hannah Al Rashid, Actress

"This is not business as usual, this is a movement."

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 SukkhaCitta Hannah Al Rashid Kebaya Peranakan

Hannah Al Rashid is a bonafide actress and action star who uses her platform as an SDG Mover for Gender Equality. Her signature streetwear style utilizes traditional Indonesian textiles, kebaya and kain—mixing tradition and modernity.

A thoughtful consumer, Hannah understands the true value of clothing—seeing them as a long-term investments that she will cherishes forever and after.

Hannah is wearing 
ANGKASA Gold Throw, PAGISENJA Essential Cami, SERIBU BUNGA Wideleg Pants on her interview, KAPAS Oversized Blazer on the cover and SERIBU BUNGA Kebaya Peranakan as her third look. Shop her picks here.

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