How to Style HARA

How to Style HARA
Wonder how you can mix and match the new HARA pieces together? Especially with the earthy colorways that truly reflect the ingredients used to create the natural dye. Well, our team has curated some special looks, following the majority preference that we’ve asked to our Followers via an Instagram poll.

Starting with the basic and white combination. Pairing the Oxford Shirt in Nature White and the black pair of pants (might we suggest the Refined Pants?). Since this collection is all about layering, we would also add the Easy Shirt in Nature White to give the style more depth.

The staple look in HARA is grounded in its Indigo Moss colorway – the natural dye green that is different from any other, even our existing Indigo Forest and Green. To complement this color, pairing an inner layer in the Nature White colorway is always a good idea.

And now, to have three colors in the mix! The Indigo Moss colorway pairs beautifully with Nature White and Indigo Black. By layering your favorite HARA pieces together, you can recreate a rich look that plays tastefully for the everyday.

So, how would you pair your favorite HARA pieces together? Hope this guide has given you some style inspiration to get started 

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