Spending Eid in #MadeRight

Spending Eid in #MadeRight

Eid Mubarak! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid and a joyful celebration 💝

The time to celebrate togetherness is now, and what better way to enjoy the moment than by commemorating it through a few snaps!

Here’s how our friends are styling #MadeRight for their Eid festivities.

Bara and Tissa are looking better together in the fresh-from-the-farm ANGKASA Langit pieces. They pair their looks based on colors that look good together, matching the new SweetIndigo™ Medium Blue with raw, undyed Nature White. Creating looks that are reminiscent of the skies above and the stars that embellish the vast horizons.

Atit, our most recent Changemaker, styles our HARA collection together with ANGKASA to create a full-blown look. She wears the Vest and Oxford Shirt in Indigo Moss and pairs it with our darkest hue with the ANGKASA Constellation Throw (as a head cover!) and Tilem Pants. Ready to meet family members and friends right after 💫

Arti wears the Knot Pants in all three looks. From left to right, her top is the Peplum Camisole and Tumpang Sari Kebaya, her second top is the Effortless Top, and lastly she wears the Long Shirt Dress.

Our very own Partnerships Extraordinaire, Arti, preps up for the festivities in three different looks! Styling pieces from the KAPAS collection and pairing it with ANGKASA for elegant looks to flaunt for days on end. Giving something to look forward to in addition to reconnecting with family members and friends this Eid.

We’re loving how Guzelya styles the ANGKASA Tailored Shirt in SweetIndigo™ Black with the one-of-a-kind Featherlight Scarf in SacredGold™  Yellow. Another full-blown look, and this time in true ANGKASA fashion all the way from the top.

In another true ANGKASA fashion, Guzelya flaunts a monochrome look in our naturally dyed blue with newly arrived pieces from ANGKASA Langit. Pairing the star-studded ANGKASA Langit Kebaya with the Sartorial Wideleg Pants for something light and airy. 

Last but not least, she gives yet another monochrome style in Nature White some flair. Her top is the ANGKASA Jacquard Tailored Shirt, and her pants are the ANGKASA Jacquard Sartorial Wideleg Pants. To finish her look, she gives it a pop of color with the one-of-a-kind KEMBANG Sylk Throw in SappanPink™ – and yes, I know what you’re thinking, that’s a throw that she styles as a head cover. How cool is that!

Which is your favorite Eid look? Let us know by reaching us out via email or through our Happiness Specialist.

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