What You Get With Your #MadeRight Purchase

What You Get With Your #MadeRight Purchase

We get a lot of query from people interested in buying our #MadeRight pieces, but they first want to know what they get with their purchase. If you're one of them, this blog might interest you!

We have several options available for you to choose upon Checkout – so be sure to pick the relevant one! Here's a brief explainer to help you make the right choice.


1. Regular Packaging.

Our regular packaging comes with:

  • Your purchased #MadeRight piece(s) with its hang tag(s).
  • The zero-waste handwoven pouch to secure and protect your purchased #MadeRight piece from dust. You have the option of returning this pouch if you have too much of them already.
  • A postcard from us and our Ibus <3
  • A foldable cardboard box to keep your piece safe.

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2. Special Request: "No Thanks" (to postcards and hang tags)

If you see this sentence upon Checkout, this refers to a lighter version of the Regular Packaging. This is what we mean:

  • Your purchased #MadeRight piece(s) without its hang tag(s).
  • The zero-waste handwoven pouch to secure and protect your purchased #MadeRight piece from dust. Again, you have the option of returning this pouch if you have too much of them already.
  • A foldable cardboard box to keep your piece safe.

So, to be clear the product hang tags postcard are not included here.

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3. Complimentary Eco Gift Wrapping

Last but not least, we also provide a complimentary eco gift wrap option for you who wants to gift #MadeRight piece(s) to a special someone! Made of 100% recyclable, plastic free material and a whole lot of stories.

That feeling of unwrapping a (secret) gift, the exhilarating joy of guessing what's inside. So, of course, we'll assist the best we can to make this as special as possible. You can choose this option by adding our free eco-gift wrap to your order. And let us know if you need something extra special :)

The option basically comes with our Regular Packaging, but here we add the eco-gift wrap and a special blank note paper for you to jot your wishes down.


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We hope this has been a useful guide! With every order, we do our utmost best to arrange your package as presentable as possible. So that when you unbox your chosen #MadeRight piece(s), you'll feel reminded of the thought, love, and care that have been poured to the most meaningful clothes.

By the way, we loooove seeing tagged Instagram Stories of your unboxing experience – so don't hesitate to give us a shout on social media ;) By doing so, you're also amplifying our Ibus' hard work and, not to mention, showing the world your newly purchased #MadeRight piece!

Thank you for your interest in us and for choosing #MadeRight <3


PS: Did you know the cardboard box can also be repurposed as a pot for indoor gardening? This is just one of the many ideas you can turn the box into so that it doesn't sit idly by somewhere in your storage area :)

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