A letter from a friend

A letter from a friend

Creating something new, turning ideas into reality, sitting with our own imagination, envisioning a different world, paving the way to make it happen — can be an isolating and lonely process.

But let’s talk about it. There is nothing taboo about it.

If this isolating and lonely process is a dark tunnel, finding friends of the same vision, belief, ideals, and battle is a speck of light. It keeps us moving forward, reminds us about the greater movements and communities, and strengthens our grit during testing times.

The highs are high, the lows are low.

If you know, you know.


All of us who are trying our best to create positive change in the world

— against too many big powers that would want otherwise.

But when changemakers are together, we are unstoppable. We are strong.

One thread is easily torn.

Two threads. A hundred threads. Millions of threads.

A cloth is rigid.

Clothes are not only solid, they convey.

They speak.

But not all clothes do.


I am fortunate enough to have met those who speak. No, they screamed at me. They yelled my deepest values right in front of my face.

A healthier world.

A greener world.

A more equal world.

My “tempe beskap. My costume. My armor. The shield on chest — for this ronin who decided to promote the most underestimated around the world. 

But I am not alone. I have never been.

I am collecting those lights in that dark tunnel.

Some big ones are SukkhaCitta’s clothes, and more importantly the people behind them.

Who make this changemaking journey less isolating and lonely.

I have been wearing this piece for many times that I cannot count

— to also be reminded that we are all in this together.

And to show we don’t have to choose between impact, beauty, and meaning.

- Driando

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