Do you know who needs a makeover? The electricity grid!

Do you know who needs a makeover? The electricity grid!

I came to COP28 mainly to make progress on early coal retirement issues.

Because our Java-Bali electricity grid is producing more electricity than is being used, it is important to make space so that renewables can come in to the grid. There are ways to refinance coal plants so that they can be shut earlier without loss to the owner, and even help coal plant owners shift to renewables.

Tiza in the SappanPink™ Powersuit at COP28

At COP28 a framework agreement was signed to shut down Cirebon Coal Plant by 2035, 7 years earlier than its life expectancy. We need to succeed and replicate that, and upgrade our grids so that they can absorb more renewables. Then we can swiftly make renewables a major part of our grid - tadaaa, swanky new shiny clean-powered grid!

Tiza at the COP28 Side Event, wearing the PAGISENJA Minimalist Blazer and PAGISENJA Structured Top 

We also need to make sure communities across Indonesia benefit from better access to the electricity and the jobs, as well as the capital so that they too can be producers of renewable energy. Just like the Ibus can make your clothes, if they had solar panels they could generate POWER too!


Tiza Mafira


This is a guest blog post written by Tiza Mafira. She is an Environmental law activist and is currently the Director of Climate Policy Initiative Indonesia. She is one of our SukkhaCitta Changemakers.

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