Spotted: Chris Martin Wears the ANGKASA Sinar Beskap

Spotted: Chris Martin Wears the ANGKASA Sinar Beskap

Today, we received such a thrilling news from a member of our community in the US – that he had spotted Chris Martin of Coldplay wearing our ANGKASA Sinar Beskap at the Venice Family Clinic’s HEART fundraising event. 

We all stopped in our tracks and celebrated this joyful news, because we finally saw Chris Martin wear the custom piece that our Ibus have dedicated months to craft.

From our Ibus to the world! We're so glad to see Chris Martin in the modern-take of our heritage beskap piece. He was probably shining like a sky full of stars that night.


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Source: West Side Today
Chris Martin photo credit: John Salangsang/Shutterstock for Venice Family Clinic

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