The Story Behind Our Design Philosophy

The Story Behind Our Design Philosophy

As you all know, we started SukkhaCitta not to be another fashion brand but to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. Working directly with Villages, not factories, we pour all our attention into ensuring that each of our fabrics are #MadeRight from the very beginning. As we are nearing our 2ndyear anniversary, we feel the need to start a conversation around another issue we found in today’s fashion industry: the constant pull of trends fueled by the pressure to keep prices low, sparking mindless consumption over more things we don’t need.

From the beginning, we decided that we don’t want to participate in this rat race. We asked, who bears the actual costs of keeping prices lower with every season? What if instead of being pressured to constantly churn out new designs to keep up (with what?), we can focus on doing things well, to create seasonless pieces that are foundational, versatile, well-engineered, functional – and most importantly conveys the beauty of our #MadeRight fabrics?

This became a core value in our design process, taking our time to design our Signature pieces for almost a year, living in them, field testing them, revising and improving. Our vision is to embrace a minimal, functional wardrobe that you love and care. Styles that is designed to help you feel at your best, with modern silhouette that transcends seasons.

Basically, clothes that are so comfortable you want to live in, so full of stories you'll cherish, so versatile you'll wear and care for years to come.

Next week, we are proud to finally share our best ever Signature Styles with you. Stay tuned!


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