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Pre-Wedding Lookbook: Amanda & Nara

Amanda is wearing SERIBU BUNGA Kebaya Peranakan and BUKETAN Kain made by our master artisan. Nara is wearing SENJA Fitted Shirt and ALUNAN Menuju Malam Kain. Shop their looks here.


SukkhaCitta Rachel Amanda Aurora SERIBU BUNGA Kebaya Peranakan
SukkhaCitta Rachel Amanda Aurora BUKETAN Kain Batik Tulis
SukkhaCitta ALUNAN Menuju Malam Kain SENJA Fitted Shirt Narawastu Indrapratna Prewedding
SukkhaCitta Narawastu Indrapratna Prewedding SENJA Fitted Shirt
Photographed by @hibikiwedding
Styling & set design by @prologdesign
Hand bouquet by @__jeumpa
Makeup by @chasseyjulian, assisted by @divaarcw