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#MadeRight just for you

We’re all unique. Our made-to-measure service is designed to better understand you and offer guidance tailored to your individual preferences.

You’re involved in the conversation, and each of our Ibus' precious handwork carefully tailored just for you and your individual style.

The result is a piece you’ll wear and cherish for years to come.

Our Studio

Book an appointment for your private viewing. Ana and Gita will be there to guide you through all the steps.

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Meaningful Fabrics

Explore our fabric collections. Crafted by hand and naturally dyed, each fabric are kind to the earth and uses true heritage techniques.


How it works

(1) Like you, each of our fabric has a vibe. Choose the one that resonates most with your intentions

(2) Choose your style or send us a picture
of what you had in mind

(3) Gita and Ana will help you find the perfect fit! And our Ibus will take care of everything else :)