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My introduction to Sukkha Citta

Nomad coat was my first Sukkha Citta piece. I went to the store few times and try it on few times, each time I admire how beautifully made it is, and how well it fits me, but somehow I struggle to justify the price. My husband observe my behaviours and decide to buy for me as a gift. The gesture somehow made me teary with joy, knowing how frugal he is. (I am smiling as I wrote this, remembering that moment) - I wore the coat everywhere throughout my travel for the next 3 months and it remains smell-free even without washing. When I came home, I dump the coat on the laundry basket, along with all other (some wet) dirty laundry. Terrible mistake. Mixed with damp piles of dirty laundry and organic cotton of this begin to decompose and moldy! Panicked, I contacted Sukkha Citta team and they gave me the best post-sales services! Never would I imagine that there will be a post-sales services for clothing! I send my coat to them, and they help me restore my Nomads coat and taught me how to care for my small but growing Sukkha Citta collection. I learn to better appreciate each piece and the journey that it take before it get to me. This coat is absolutely beautiful and versatile, but what impressed me the most is the care that the team put into making sure each piece would be a lasting companion to the new owner.

Hi Wiza,

We're smiling as we read your review! Thank you for sharing your story, and especially about your experiences from the very beginning to the present moment. We're glad you see our vision and support our mission in doing so, because our clothes should indeed be the lasting companion in our wardrobe for years to come! We hope to see you grow your SukkhaCitta collection ;)

The SukkhaCitta Team

Mala Ekayanti
Ethereal beauty

Nomad coat was my best buy this year. It effortlessly suits formal occasions and informal engagements and I received compliments every time I wore it. I really love the beautiful embroidery as it looks like embossed to the fabric, giving depth I can never imagined before.

Dearest Mala,

Thank you so much for your review, so happy to hear that the coat was your best buy!

We agree that it is such a great piece and really so versatile, Denica has been using it for her field trips to the villages, press conferences and award ceremonies too! Kudos to our Ibus in Bali for the beautiful handicraft and we truly hope that you continue loving this piece ❤️

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