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Unique and comfortable - perfect pants!

I am wearing the hemstiched curators pants for some months now and I love them more and more the longer I have them. I was super drawn to the softness of the kapas fabric but at first I was sceptical about the A-silouette of the pants. Will they suit me? They are wider than my other pants etc. Turns out, this is my favourite type of pants now! :)Very airy and flowy, works with almost all my other clothes (big requirement for me before I purchase anything)! Amazing craftsmenship like with all Sukkhacitta pieces. I feel great wearing them! Also they are very unique and I get asked where I found them quite often. Can't wait to have one in a darker colour too, actually. Will there be a wide-legged curator's pants in a darker shade maybe? :) Thank you and much love, Sukkacitta!

Dear Antje,

Thank you so much for your review! It's especially interesting to learn about your growing love for this piece – it seems you have a meaningful journey with the pants, and it's definitely a story worth sharing! Others might have the same thoughts and your story might just answer their worries away :)

To answer your question regarding a similar pants in this a-line silhouette but in a darker color, we now have the PAGISENJA Put-Together Cullotte! You are always welcome at our Flagship to give it a try first and see if you'd like to start a new journey with these new pairs.

Warm regards,
The SukkhaCitta Team

A symbol of compromise in our marriage

KAPAS curator's pants are a symbol of compromise in our marriage.
My husband Yovan is a hopeful romantic, so gifting for him must be wrapped in surprises. I vouch for: Ask or give what is wanted.

During the first month of our marriage life, I sent him a wish list.
Things that I want for my birthday, Christmas, or just for the pleasure of it. My list has a description of the item, the size, and the link to where to find them. They are categorised in price range, so buying within budget is possible. Yovan was perplexed at first. The idea of buying a birthday gift from a list is not something he can comprehend. He eventually came around and started adding items to his list.

Is SukkhaCitta on that list? YES. A few. In mine and his.

Kapas pants were his first gift from the list. Its fabric is so smooth on your skin. I can rock them with pointy shoes and a blazer for formal events or pair them with flats and outer for a resort look.
It's a piece of clothing you know the story of, how it's made, and what changes it brings.
From a bigger perspective, it's impacting the environment and women's welfare. In a smaller one, it's influencing our relationship.

As SukkhaCitta was a big part of our wedding, no surprise it has become a part of our daily life too.

A lady who knows what she wants.

Dear Tressabel,

We love how you've connected this piece with your marriage and the deeper connection you've associated it with. Thank you for sharing such a personal and noteworthy review that shows what this piece symbolizes both for you and your husband. We look forward to hearing more of your stories about other existing - or even new - SukkhaCitta pieces on your list ;)

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