Andra Alodita, Holistic Practitioner

Andra Alodita, Holistic Practitioner

What's amazing is when I decide to follow my heart and purpose, I feel whole.”

As a content creator-turned-holistic practitioner, Andra Alodita is sharing some mindful perspectives as one of our #SukkhaCittaChangemakers. The pandemic has stirred  her to a new direction. One of listening to the self and following the heart.

She is making the shift towards a more mindful lifestyle direction and is currently a transformational alchemy practitioner in training. Placing her focus on her inner life, she wants to enrich the soul and tread the Earth with meaningful purpose. 



Her transformative journey has led her on a path of discovering wholeness, a dilemma we all encounter at some point in our lives.

Andra is wearing: (1) ANGKASA Boyfriend Blazer and the ANGKASA Knot Skirt; (2) KAPAS Tumpang Sari Kebaya, KAPAS Peplum Camisole and KAPAS Hemstitched Curator's Pants

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