Gabi Osri, Architect

Gabi Osri, Architect

“In seeking equality, there needs to be representation."

As a mother of twins, a principal architect, and co-initiator of a community organization, Gabi Osri, believes in the significance of representation in promoting equality in a male-dominated industry.

Her strong values, knowledge, and years of experience working as an architect has inspired her to co-intiate Ibu Arsitek, an Indonesian-based community that connects female architects in Indonesia. Creating space for women to share, inspire, and uplift one another about the important work they do and presence they bring forth for aspiring female architects who need it most. The community’s primary mission is to help these women overcome the challenges of balancing various responsibilities. Ibu Arsitek aims to foster the confidence of women who choose to pursue a career as architects and help them reach their full potential. 


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