Your 2023 Gift Guide

Your 2023 Gift Guide

You’ve got enough to worry about with all the end of year plans coming up. So, we thought that preparing gifts shouldn’t be one of them! We’ve made this useful guide to make life simple.

Filled with thoughtful gifts that are carefully made by Mothers themselves – the superwoman behind all the love we give and care we nourish. Guaranteed to make these gifts all the more meaningful for that special person you have in mind.

1. For Mothers

Mother’s day is still a month away, but wouldn’t it be fruitful to start preparing now? That way you’ll have more thought and care prepared, so that she knows just how much she means to you. 

Just like how it takes a village to grow a child – what better way is there to reciprocate that love and appreciation than by gifting her intentional, handcrafted pieces that are made in support of that?

2. For the Nature Lovers

Our Customer Happiness team tells us that our #MadeRight tribe loooves the color green. We hear you, and we agree with you! Dyed with natural Indigo leaves and taking weeks of dipping and drying – following the sun, air, and wind.

Mirroring the beauty that is Mama Nature, Indigo Forest is the green hue that our wardrobe shouldn’t live without!

3. For the Travelers

Are you spending this holiday season traveling to new places or just simply away from home? Find the fieldtested companions that are guaranteed to comfort you, no matter where life takes you.

Pieces that are designed for effortless comfort, using natural materials and handcrafted for your safety and also the earth’s. Assuring you that traveling doesn’t have to be a burden when it comes to waste and style.

4. For the Next Generation

We design our #MadeRight pieces so that they can be yours now, but also future heirlooms for your children and grandchildren. Ensuring that each piece is thoughtfully designed to be the timeless clothes that are made to last. Accompanying you through your most meaningful moments and beyond – with whomever you decide to pass it on to.

Even before it’s worn, there’s a story behind these clothes. But it doesn’t, and won’t, stop there – it’ll continue with you, and the next person, and the person after that. It just won’t get more meaningful than that.

5. For Nerds

For those who care about our planet, and the beauty that is our indigenous wisdom and heritage crafts. Craft is what binds our diverse culture, and it’s what empowers women in indigenous communities to make a living for herself, her family, and her community. 

These are gifts for passionate people who can show the world the power of their knowledge and abilities. Gifts to show to anyone and everyone that being a Nerd can be Cool, too!

6. For the Mini-Me’s

In case you missed it, we have the very limited pieces #MadeRight Mini’s so that you can dress your little ones just like their parents.

Also perfect to gift to friends and families for their toddlers and preschoolers who are just making their way into the world. Ensured to make them look irresistibly cute, the #MadeRight way! 

7. For the Home

Home accessories make for the cozy gift that can do no wrong. Made with our offcuts and hand-embroidered embellishments that take home gifting into a new level of thoughtfulness and care. 

Find all the gift guide here.

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