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Posts tagged: Community

Sustainable Weddings: Tressabel & Yovan

From a basketball competition to a life as one - read Tressabel's and Yovan's moving journey from friendship to newlyweds.

Denica meets Korean Drama... and learnt this

Everyone and everything has their own journey.

A Motherhood Journey

Our #MadeRight clothes are built from connection, between you, our Ibus, and the Earth. Each is a reminder of how intertwined our lives are, inspiring us to reconnect with what matters most. So on this year's Mother's Day, I am honored to share a letter written by Dewi L. on how #MadeRight has impacted...

Meet the Ibu | Lilik

Meet the women who make your clothes so meaningful. Through education and access to a living wage, your #MadeRight clothes are changing lives in rural Indonesia. In this interview, I speak to Ibu Lilik, one of the artisans who craft your Seribu Bunga pieces.

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Our curation of gifts that inspire, surprise, and give back.

The Story Behind Our #MadeRight Mini

From offcuts to opportunities, help us end stunting in Central Sumba.

#MadeRight Tribe | Ayu Larasati

SukkhaCitta (SC): Hi Ayu! Do share a bit about yourself, what made you take the conscious decision to become a potter? Ayu Larasati (AL): It certainly has evolved from what it was at first and now. Going into pottery full time as a means to earn a living equals to lots...

How to create a wardrobe you actually love

Beginning of the year, I stared into my closet and thought, what the hell is going on here? I had shoes littering the entire floor space; one third of them I didn’t even wear anymore. I had a corner of my closet that had formed into a section that I...