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BHUMI - Picking Daisies Dress
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Picking Daisies has always been very special to me. Like the poem that inspired it, she grounds you in the present. Moment by moment, ever blooming.

  • She feels so delicate and luxurious. The softness of the sylk caresses your skin, dancing with your every move. A piece for a woman who cares and knows her worth.
  • A timeless piece. One thing I love most about her is how effortless she is. Combining a classic neckline with a flowy skirt, she's the piece you'll keep returning to through life's big and small moments. Comes with a detachable ribbon you can tie for a flattering fit.
  • 3-colored art piece. Our Ibus first draw the white seeds, before dyeing the fabric in Terminalia Belirica fruits to make it gold. After, she draws the second layer before dipping it in Indigo leaves to create the most beautiful Indigo Blue hue. Each takes 32 days to craft.
  • Made for you.

    Anya wears All size. She is 170cm, EU size M.



BHUMI is the intention to choose faith over fear. When the weight of uncertainty consumes you, remember that you contain everything you need within. Keep going, the dots will connect backwards.

HAND-DRAWN BATIK | Central Java, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™ + Terminalia Bellirica fruits

MATERIAL | Tencel™ Lyocell
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-Waste Pouch