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I'm In Love!

When I visited SukkhaCitta, I tried on many dresses and had several in mind for what I wanted to buy. I tried this Picking Daisies dress the last one because I thought, it was not my style (I don't wear a maxi dress) and I usually like cotton blend/linen material better. But my oh my, this dress feels soooo good to be worn. So much so that I made a last-minute decision to wear this for my engagement party hahah!

Wearing this feels like butter - so silky, smooth, and flattering. I cannot get over how beautiful the color is as well. Dea (the best customer rep ever - love you!!) showed me the poem behind this dress which really spoke to me, so of course I had to buy it! I'm truly in love with this dress (even after months of purchasing it) and it's so versatile because of how elegant looking it is but so comfortable at the same time.

Dearest Mary,

Thank you so so much for your lovely review ❤️ We loved having you over at our studio and already looking forward to your next visit whenever you are in Jakarta. Excited to have you try on more amazing pieces from our new collection!

We are so happy to hear that you fell in love with this piece, we do think that material is just so lovely and smooth on the skin! The style and the material of the dress does make you break in a happy tingle and you look absolutely gorgeous with it, so wearing the dress for your engagement was a wonderful choice.

And so happy to hear that you loved the poem behind the dress, Picking Daisies has always been very special --- a reminder to slow down and notice the beautiful things that has always been by your side.

Anyways, hope that you keep enjoying the dress Mary and that it can continue to accompany you through many more special moments!

Melanie Kristanto

BHUMI - Picking Daisies Dress

Beautiful fabric, beautiful dress

The fabric is so soft, oh my goodness - it's like silk and butter had a baby, in the best possible way. I wore this dress on Thanksgiving and got many compliments - the color is beautiful. It's also very comfortable with the adjustable tie waist. Yes, it's a bit of an investment, but I love knowing that the cost is helping women in under-resourced communities rather than enriching some already-wealthy fashion designer. Highly recommend!

Gorgeous dress

When I first saw Sukkha Citta releasing this customized maxi dress, I had to get my hands on it immediately. What’s even more amazing is that they managed to get it done within a week since I had to leave the country. What’s EVEN MORE AWESOME, I asked to have one made with capped sleeve and they turned it into a gorgeous dress that they listed on their own website!! I truly feel a special connection with Sukkha Citta through this dress 💜✨

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