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Posts tagged: From Our Founder

Denica meets Korean Drama... and learnt this

Everyone and everything has their own journey.

Threads of Hope

Meet the women that makes your clothes so meaningful. Through living wage and access to education, we are changing lives in rural Indonesia. This month, we are in Bali running trainings that help mothers who lost their livelihoods in the crisis learn new skills to care for their families.

The Story Behind Our #MadeRight Mini

From offcuts to opportunities, help us end stunting in Central Sumba.

Picking Daisies

I am one of those people who make lists and who juggles too many things at once. My work doesn't help - my day is often filled with field research, coordinating our programs in the village, writing copies, all the while sneaking team meetings and designing our next launches. Sometimes, the...

Why we use natural dyes

That was a question one of our #MadeRight Tribe asked when she came by our booth last weekend. As a business, isn’t it rational to choose the cheaper option, the more efficient one that can easily make a lot more? Why go through all the trouble to source and process...

The Story Behind Our Design Philosophy

As you all know, we started SukkhaCitta not to be another fashion brand but to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. Working directly with Villages, not factories, we pour all our attention into ensuring that each of our fabrics are #MadeRight from the very beginning. As we...

Behind Our Craft: Batik Process

The roots of Batik are ancient and difficult to trace. No one knows exactly when, or where, people began to perform resist-dyeing techniques - which is the essence of the craft. According to historic records, it was used in places as diverse as Egypt, Africa and India, but it is...

New Year Reflections: You Are Not Small

As we enter the last hours of the year, I am drawn to take a moment to reflect on what had transpired this year, not only the milestones but also the moments where you fall so deep you don’t know how to stand back up. I open my journal from...