We've planted 4,799 trees in your name this year!

We've planted 4,799 trees in your name this year!

4,799. That’s the total number of trees you’ve helped plant this year through your purchases. That’s the number of trees we’re planting in your names! 

We're planting 4,799 trees in 2023 based on all transactions made – across multiple channels including our own and our partners' too!

So, thank you for your undying support on this cause and mission.

When we did our calculations, we saw a surge in the number of trees planted in August, our birthday month!

If you remember, we said we’d plant 5x more trees for all items purchased throughout the month, and some also won a raffle draw of 7x more trees planted for their purchase during our Birthday Soiree.

Our Ibus felt so much love from you this year, and most especially in August because of it.

You have shown that your purchase decision matters. For you have chosen #MadeRight and empowered so many lives across Indonesian villages, not Factories.

Every piece is an investment to enrich more lives, but also to appreciate the beauty and purpose of our daily garments. 

That they not only clothe us, but also in expressing our values and represent what we stand for.

So, as you’re getting ready to end this year, I hope you carry this great news and celebrate together with your loved ones.

Once again, thank you for choosing #MadeRight!

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