• Farm to Closet
  • 1. Empowering All Craftswomen
  • 2. Sustaining Our Culture
  • 3. Regenerating the Earth
  • Behind MadeRight™️

From farm,

We ensure our supply chain empowers all farmers and craftswomen, as well as helps the Earth heal.

Zero Harm Sourcing

Reclaimed Mahogany
Sappan Wood
Golden Terminalia

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Cotton

Ethically Handcrafted

Our Craft Schools
Batik Tulis


Our buttons are from made from waste mother-of-pearls and supports the livelihoods of 12 women in Makassar, Indonesia.


Our labels are made of 100% cotton, handmade in Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. 


Our threads use 100% traceable, certified recycled Polyester.

to closet,


To preserve your piece as long as possible, hand wash cold with mild detergent. Separate colors. Hang dry.


Free repairs for life for seams, buttons, holes. Clothes that have reached the end of their life cycle will be upcycled through our program. Embroidery and repair kits available.


Redye your beloved pieces with our reclaimed Mahogany wood bark or Indigo leaves. Service currently available in Indonesia only.

to earth.

We care for the clothes we grow, and we believe in gifting them a second life through our programs.


Our offcuts are upcycled by Ibus in Tegal Kertha, Bali and Jlamprang, Central Java. Shop now.


Smaller naturally-dyed offcuts are mixed with 100% post-consumer paper in Bandung to create our hangtags and eco-greeting cards.


Pieces are shipped in zero waste pouches, upcycled from our own scraps or training fabrics. The strings are hand-knotted by mothers in Medono village with waste threads from our handwoven fabrics. 

Complementary giftwrapping is plastic free.

Before SukkhaCitta, our craftswomen were invisible. Working from home, with very limited opportunities and no legal protection whatsoever, it was easy for brands and middlemen to exploit them. Struggling to feed their children, they were trapped in poverty.

SukkhaCitta was created to change this. Providing access to education and fair work so these women can change their lives on their own terms. Today, our mother-makers ('Ibus') know how much their works is worth - and they have become true change makers in their communities.

No longer isolated, our Ibus rise together – and take their communities with them. They pay it forward and become multipliers of change.

Together, we have built a bustling village economy run by women working together, supplying each other with base materials and freely sharing their knowledge - all the way from growing our own fibers to stitching your most meaningful clothes. That's what makes your #MadeRight choice so meaningful. It returns pride and makes women feel valued and seen.

One of the first things I noticed when I was doing my research was how old most of Indonesia's craftswomen are.

Unable to compete with the low prices of digital and screen-printed fabrics, most artisans choose not to continue their crafts.

—Denica Riadini-Flesch, Founder

Without regeneration, how can our culture survive?

Through Rumah SukkhaCitta, we're changing that.

Providing education to women so she can continue her heritage while lifting her family from poverty.

 "SukkhaCitta creates social impact by investing in the capacity building of rural craftwomen and ensuring that the women earn a living wage."

 "[SukkhaCitta creates] a cycle in which consumers’ purchases benefit the Ibu through education and a living wage earned through the production of sustainable clothing."

As a Certified B Corp® voted Best for the World™, we are building one of the world’s first farm-to-closet supply chains.

Changing how materials are grown by leveraging Indonesia's regenerative farming wisdom (Tumpang Sari).

Creating climate resiliency and sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers while restoring soil health and biodiversity.

A nature-based climate solution that you become part of whenever you wear #MadeRight.

"A key piece of SukkhaCitta's mission is environmental:

to reduce toxic run off from dyes that textile makers dump into local waters,

working with the artisans to reclaim natural dyes."

Behind maderight™️

How It Works

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